Why Opt For Medical Grade Filter?

Dec 14, 2021 | Airfilters

 Awareness of indoor air quality, the pollutants present in the air within rooms, and the serious health effects the poor quality of indoor air can cause have led to many offices and commercial indoor spaces investing heavily in air filtration systems. These air purification and filtration systems work efficiently to ensure that the air we breathe indoors is safe and doesn’t harm us. However, the pandemic has highlighted the presence of various bacteria and virus that are present in the air around us and the many diseases that spread through the air. Hence, apart from the usual pollutants like dust, allergens, mold, VOCs, etc., we now have to worry about disease-carrying germs from the outside that might affect us when we are inside.

Why choose medical-grade over normal filters?

Most indoor spaces these days do have their own air filtration and purification systems. Normal filters, while efficient in removing pollutants like VOCs, smoke, allergens, and dust, do almost nothing to the host of bacteria and viruses that inhabit the air around us. This might have been enough, however, in view of the pandemic, things have changed. Given the presence of coronavirus in the world, and the way it has spread and claimed lives, it is evident that the air filtration system that we select must protect the occupants of the indoor space from contracting any illness from the outside world as well. 

Experts say that the coronavirus will soon reach an endemic stage. Vaccinations, face masks, and social distancing have all become a routine practice with the populace everywhere. Thus, keeping our indoor air free from viruses and bacteria has become a top priority. This is one of the main reasons why medical-grade filters are the preferred choice over the normal ones.

Medical grade filters usually consist of HEPA filters and UVC lights which are effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses.

What to consider before buying one?

When looking to buy a medical-grade air filtration system, it is important to ensure they,

  • Have medical-grade HEPA filters that remove viruses, bacteria, and other airborne particles in the air.
  • Use UVC light to neutralize the pathogens that might slip through the HEPA filters.
  • Consume less power and are energy efficient. 
  • Have strong motors to ensure the filtered air is circulated well around the space.
  • Are portable so that they can be easily set up wherever required. 


EcoShield tech understands what it means to provide a safe space indoors where most of us end up spending the majority of our time. They have come up with a revolutionary line of air purification and filtration systems that not only take care of the regular pollutants but also manage to remove a particular virus of the coronavirus family. Their five-layer filtration process ensures clean breathing air. The products are built with the goal of keeping indoors safe, virus-free for years to come.

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