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Ecoshield Tech is your ticket to a hassle free rental experience. Our ordering process is straightforward with no hidden costs.

Why Rent With Us?

1. Quality Matters!

We at Ecoshield Tech ensure our products are quality assured.

2. Prompt Responses
Nobody likes to be kept waiting which is why our team is always around to help you along the way. From assisting with orders and delivery , we’re quick to respond to your needs.
3. Flexible Subscription

With life’s many uncertainties there may come a time when you would need to extend or opt out of our subscription and that’s absolutely ok! Our flexible plans give you the flexibility to alter your subscription as per your requirement.

4. Health Matters

With our annual health checkup services, we ensure that your subscription is always as good as new.

5. Ease of Installation

Ecoshield Tech air purification unit (Eco-100) is  standalone plug-and-play devices that incur low running costs and are high on energy efficiency.

6. Cost-Effective Long-Term Rental Agreements

Our transparent pricing offers you huge savings. Increased tenure brings in increased savings. The longer you rent, the less you pay.

Guaranteed/Consistent Premium Quality of service throughout the rental term, whether it is short term or long term.

Compare Plans

  1. Once your minimum rental period is over, you can continue to rent the product on the same rental charges
  2. If you wish to return the product before the rental tenure, then a cancellation amount of early closure charges applies.
  3. You can upgrade your plan any time and further increase your savings.
  4. Heath checkup of product is Ecoshield Tech’s Responsibility
  5. Initial payment amount will be adjusted at the  end of rental terms

Note : Health Checkup or (Service and Maintenance ) involves engineer visit and replacement of HEPA filter or other as required. In general, it will be required in 1-1.5 year. However, in public indoor spaces approx life will be 9-12 months.

Technical Specifications



Height [87 cm] x Width [49cm] x Depth [36.5cm]


40 kg


145 W

Noise level

40db on Eco Mode


Circulating Clean Air volume

1000 m3/h


885 m3/h

Effective Removal of formaldehyde

480.1 m3/h