A State of the art air sterilizer and purifier especially meant for commercial settings

5 Air Filtration Technology in One
Eco -1000 uses a combination of five technologies to give you peace of mind. Equipped with pre-filter ,Dual Medical Grade HEPA 13 filter, UVC(254nm), activated carbon filter, and photocatalyst*, Eco -1000 cleans the air by removing very fine dust particle(PM-2.5), pollens, capturing and  killing all kinds of  bacteria and viruses, including one from coronavirus family*. In addition, it also removes VOCs, including formaldehyde.
Powerful motors with vertical flow discharge
Equipped with a powerful motor, Eco-1000 discharges the clean filtered air from the top and makes sure that the clean air is circulated effectively in the room even with furniture and people around.
Portable, Sturdy casing with wheel lock
Eco -1000 filter can be easily moved around, and the wheel lock can be placed to avoid it being moved unintentionally.
Large cleaning capacity
Eco -1000 can clean 1000m3 of air in 1 hour. Well suited for large office spaces and business settings.
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How It Works


Eco-1000 sucks the surrounding air from the  front and back.  Air passes through the primary filters (nylon pre-filters) placed at front and back  of the machine which catches and traps larger airborne particles and dust

Medically grade HEPA-13 FILTER

As air passes through the H13 HEPA filter, bacteria, viruses and smaller airborne particles and pollutants become trapped on its inner surface

Activated Carbon layer

Air passes through another Activated Carbon layer on the other side of HEPA filter which removes any odor , formaldehyde and VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Photocatalyst layer*

Removes NOX, SOX

UVC (254nm) Light

UVC light exposure makes sure that virus/bacteria which passes/escapes the HEPA filters are neutralized by high dose of radiation which breaks down the DNA and RNS of bacteria and viruses. User can control the activation and deactivation of UVC light


Centrifugal fan pushes the clean air in the room via top side

Make your workplace safe within minutes

Clean the air within minutes

Computer Simulation shows how in actual restaurants with all furniture  and partition wall, Eco-1000 is circulating the clean air in the whole area

Eco-1000 removes & kills 99.98% of bacteria & virus, including fine dust(PM2.5), pollens, bad odours and VOCs


Cigarette Fumes

Bad Odours



Staphylococcus Aureus


Volatile Organic Compounds

Technical Specifications



Height [87 cm] x Width [49cm] x Depth [36.5cm]


40 kg


145 W

Noise level

40db on Eco Mode


Circulating Clean Air volume

1000 m3/h


885 m3/h

Effective Removal of formaldehyde

480.1 m3/h

An ideal partner for wide range of businesses ....

..... to protect the health of your clients and staffs

Bar & Restaurants

Gym & Health Centers

Spa & Salons


Kids Play Area

Schools & Colleges

Get a quote

Please provide us with information about your business area  i.e room size, occupancy level.
Our Sales team will get back to you within 24 hours.