Health Benefits of Using A Commercial Air Filtration System At Workspace

Workspaces without proper ventilation might end up with indoor air pollution within the premises which can have many negative effects on the employee’s health, from mild headaches to severe cardiac issues. For employees, this poses quite a risk considering the long hours they spend inside their offices.

Indoor air pollution not only brings the risk of health, but it also impacts productivity at the workplace. Here are some good benefits of installing an air purifier at your workplace

Health benefits of having an air purifier at the workplace:

The commercial-grade air purifier has now become an essential part of any work/business indoor space. An effective air-purifier can help with the following,

   – Removes Odour

In general workspaces have furniture, air conditioners, pantry area, carpets, rugs, computer dust, etc. The air in the workspace always needs to be checked, as it has the smell of furniture, carpets, cleaning chemicals, etc. Hence proper ventilation and frequent circulation of fresh air is required to keep a pleasant working environment. Commercial grade air-purifier does the job of not only removing the odor within the space but also ensuring that fresh air is circulated and replaced frequently.

 – Removes Mold & Allergens

Any humidity or faulty air flow within indoor spaces causes mold and mildew which contaminates the indoor air. Also, allergens present in the air can cause several chronic illnesses if the employees are exposed to them for a long time. Having an air purifier removes the mold and allergens particles that are spread in the air, reducing the risk.

– Kills Bacteria & Virus

Given the present pandemic situation, Commercial grade Air purifiers fitted with the HEPA filter would work best for indoor spaces since they help in preventing air-borne diseases from being transmitted indoors.

– Improves Productivity & Mental Health

Research published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics states that productivity of the employees reduced by 1% in a 25day period if there is an increase in PM2.5 levels by 10µg/m3. The increase in indoor- air pollution also throws short-term and long-term health hazards and also impacts the mental well-being of employees. The harmful airborne contaminants can lead to “sick building syndrome” — a state that has been tied to decreased workplace productivity and a loss of overall work satisfaction and in turn, can increase the number of sick days in the workforce. Cleaner air ensures the health of the occupants and can be related directly to the energy levels as well.  It was concluded that businesses need to invest in commercial air filtration systems and emissions control equipment, not just to comply with government standards, but also to maintain operational efficiency.

Investing in a commercial air filtration system helps businesses to provide safer and healthier work environments to their workers and maintain performance levels.

Eco-1000, a commercial-grade air-purifier helps in removing harmful airborne contaminants in the air and kills 99.97% of bacteria and viruses. It comes with a portable design model which is app-enabled and has smart display features that help you to improve the indoor air quality and keep your workspace safe and of course with high productivity levels.


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