Government funds for the installation of air purification technology in educational institutions

Nov 8, 2021 | News

Since March 2019, educational institutions have suffered a lot due to the ongoing pandemic. Although, some of the schools, colleges, and universities could continue teaching through various online platforms, yet there is no alternative to in-person classroom education, especially for hands-on learning experiences. Various governments across the globe are quite concerned about this and trying to figure out the safe way of welcoming back students, teachers, and staff to their institutions. The major concern is how to reduce the risk of the airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus, especially in an indoor classroom environment. Governments in the UK and in the US are providing funds to these educational institutions for improving indoor air quality through air filtration technology (For more details please see the weblinks given here).

EcoShield Tech has recently launched various air purification products that not only serve the purpose of purifying the air but also keep our indoor environment virus-free in a large community scale public places such as schools, pubs, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.



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