Commercial Air Filtration & Its Benefits

Dec 11, 2021 | CovidRelated, Uncategorized

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside the room. People spend 90% of time indoors either in home, office, restaurants, schools, and other public places and hence quality of air they breathe in remains of utmost importance. In general, the Indoor Air Quality gets overlooked.

Research has proved that the air quality indoors, if not properly ventilated and cleaned, can be worse than the outside and harmful for health. The pollutants include stale air from human breathing, flu viruses, germs and bacteria from other infectious diseases, pollen, fine dust particles, fine particles from chemicals used for cleaning, etc. 

The COVID pandemic has brought to surface the importance of cleaner indoor air. Reports from the World Health Organization in 2020, have indicated how Covid-19 is transmitted through aerosols, especially in indoor spaces which do not offer proper ventilation. 

It has become very important for the management of every indoor space, to take adequate measures to ensure that they offer safe environments for their occupants. 

What is a Commercial Air filter?

Public indoor spaces like schools, nurseries, restaurants, rest homes, hospitals, hotels, gyms, offices, retail outlets etc., require a certain level of air purification that cannot be offered by a domestic unit that’s used in homes. These huge indoor spaces need to use a Commercial Air filter that will ensure the purification of the air indoors by removing the various pollutants like dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from cigarette smoke and traffic exhaust. VOCs like Benzene and formaldehyde are carcinogenic in nature.

An efficient commercial air filtration system ensures a better environment for the occupants by:

  • Increasing their comfort levels
  • Reducing or eliminating the risk of them catching airborne transmitted diseases
  • Enhancing their productivity and performance
  • Maintaining their good health

What to consider while buying a commercial air filter?

If you own a large indoor space and are contemplating investing in a sturdy and efficient commercial air filtration system, here are a few points to ponder on.

  1. Filtration system

The system must be capable of not just filtering the basic pollutants but also bacteria and viruses, like the ones fitted with HEPA filters. 

  1. CFM rating 

The cubic feet per minute rating indicates how powerful the system is and whether it suits your indoor space requirements.

  1. Portability
  •   The portability of a filtration system is an attractive quality since it gives you the flexibility to set up the system easily, wherever required.
  •    Need not change or rework already existing HVAC
  1. Value for money 

 Finally, you must decide the value that you get from investing in the filtration system. The system needs to be economical but also rugged and dependable. 

EcoShield Tech specialises in providing a line of commercial Air filtration systems that  helps in purifying air in large indoor spaces. The products are equipped with activated carbon filters, UVC (254nm), Dual Medical Grade HEPA 13 filters, to name a few which are capable of removing fine dust particles, VOCs, pollens, bacteria and viruses. Their portability, powerful motors and ability to clean 1000 m3 of air per hour, make them the best air filtration option for indoor spaces.

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