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Ecoshield Tech is committed to provide a shield of safety to your students, teachers, faculty and supporting staff at schools. Eco-1000 is a professional grade, multi-stage HEPA- 13 & UV (254nm) air purifier that delivers hospital-grade sterilization.

Ecoshield Tech Air -purifiers are


Smart & Portable


Plug and play


Easy to maintain


Energy efficient


Low running cost


Low noise

With Eco-1000, clean air is made more affordable now more than ever.

It comes with a portable design model, with a 5-stage filtration system that ensures clean air in minutes. The HEPA filters ensure medical grade air purification to classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeteria, larger indoor game rooms, lecture halls, libraries etc… Eco-1000 can remove allergens, mold, pollen, dust particles and kills upto 99.97% of bacteria & viruses.

Add another layer of effective protection, keep your students and teachers safe and healthy.

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We have been using Eco-1000 Air Purifier for a while now, and we can see the difference in the air quality in our pubs and restaurant especially at peak times. We also feel good that our space is safe for our customers and staff.

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