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Ecoshield Tech is determined to provide a healthier elder care environment through their efficient and effective air purification technology. A care home is a place where the air quality is of paramount importance as health.

Why Air Purifiers are a must have for Care homes:

  1. Insufficient Air ventilations: To keep the homes nice and cosy for the health and comfort of the residents, sometimes it is difficult to open the windows. To keep the cold out and keep the heating maintained, the ventilation gets compromised at times.
  2. Chemicals from Cleaning Agents: For maintaining the high standards of hygiene in the care home, there is a high use of disinfectants and cleaning material which can come with strong chemicals & gaseous compounds called VOCs. These chemicals when inhaled can be harmful to the health of the residents and staff.
  3. Fragile health of the residents: With increased age, the residents are prone to getting seasonal flu and other health conditions. Aerosol generated while sneezing & coughing is responsible for most common outbreak like viral respiratory infection and gastroenteritis.

Ecoshield Tech Air -purifiers are


Smart & Portable


Plug and play


Easy to maintain


Energy efficient


Low running cost


Low noise

Why Choose Ecoshield Tech?
If your care home is striving to promote high standard of air quality, then Ecoshield Tech is the answer for it.

Improved Air quality
Eco-1000, from Ecoshield Tech has HEPA+UVC based filters which clean the air with medical grade purification technology and is well suited for care home environment It not only removes 99.98 % bacteria and virus from the air but also removes bad odours generated by cleaning agents which are vital part of any care home regime. It makes air safe for resident as well for your staff.

Area Coverage
With maximum cleaning capacity of 1000 m3/hr, it is well suited for small as well as large spaces.
It can provide ~2.0 ACH(air changes per hours) to an area of 500 m2.

Portable Plug-Play Air filtration unit
Portable unit with wheel lock mechanism is plug and play unit and can easily be deployed in any part of the area.
Eco-1000 with its HEPA+UVC technology can remove 99.88 of bacteria and virus. It also has activated carbon filter layer which removes bad odours

Eliminate VOCs
Eco-1000 has activated carbon layer which can remove all VOCS very effectively.

Prevents Air borne transmission
Eco-100 provides effective prevention against Aerosol generated while sneezing & coughing.

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We have been using Eco-1000 Air Purifier for a while now, and we can see the difference in the air quality in our pubs and restaurant especially at peak times. We also feel good that our space is safe for our customers and staff.

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