5 Myths About Air Purifiers

Apr 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Research has proved time and again that the air circulating indoors is bound to be more polluted than the air outside. Air purifiers are a good investment that helps in improving the quality of life by eliminating a number of pollutants from the air inside homes, hospitals, offices and other indoor spaces. However, like in every other industry, there are certain myths that are associated with air purifiers. Mostly these myths arise from incomplete or outdated facts. Here are the top five myths and the actual truth behind them.

–           All Air purifiers have identical functionality

Despite of multitude of air purifiers available in the market today, it is a common myth that all the air purifiers are the same. However, that is not true, every air purifier is different based on their size, their capacity to clean air, the types of filters they carry, the technology they work on, etc. It is essential to invest in an air purifier that meets the requirements specifically for the space it would be installed in.

–           Air purifiers only clean the air around them

Air purifiers have a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating which indicates its capacity in cleaning the air of the indoor space. The rating is in cubic feet per minutes (CFM) and helps one figure out the capacity that is required for a particular room. Hence, if the proper air purifier is installed, it will clean the entire room or a large space based on its CADR capacity.

–           Air conditioners & Air Purifiers are the same

The functionalities of air conditioners and air purifiers are often misunderstood and mixed up. Air conditioners remove warm air and circulate cool air thereby cooling the air inside a room. In no way does it eliminate the pollutants like allergens, dust particles or even germs from the air. Where as an air purifier is meant to clean the air and make it safer. It is equipped with filters that help in cleaning pollutants, dust, pollen and even kil bacteria & virus.

–           No need for the Vacuum Cleaner

It is often mistakenly assumed that an air purifier can replace vacuum cleaners. However, that is not true. While an air purifier cleans out the air circulating indoors, it cannot clean out the heavier particles which fall to the floor. A vacuum cleaner on the other hand helps in cleaning the dust from furniture and carpets and is essential for cleaning a room.

–           Treat allergies and Asthma

Air purifiers fitted with HEPA filters can eliminate 99.95% of airborne particles, sized 0.3 microns, like dust, pollen, mold and even certain bacteria. Thus, people with allergies and asthma find it easier to breathe in a space fitted with an air purifier and experience nearly no symptoms. However, in no way does it cure the underlying health issue, whether it is the allergy or asthma. All it does is make it easier for people with breathing problems to breathe.


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