4 Reasons to Have an Air Purification System in Medical Centers & Hospitals

Considering the delicate and vulnerable environment, cleanliness and sterilization are non-negotiable in a hospital or medical environment. Undoubtedly, every hospital is maintained with the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene with protocols and stringent measures to all the equipment and rooms are clean and free of germs.

However, considering the closed spaces, and traffic of patients the medical environments are bound to have issues with the quality of indoor air. The air quality issues occur due to infectious patients, visitors who might carry infections, and poor air circulation. It would be incorrect to assume that even the isolation rooms or operating rooms are fully safe because they are not immune to the effects of indoor air pollution.

A medical or hospital environment is prone to several air pollutants due to the germs, odors, surgical smoke, and contaminants present in the air. Studies say surgical smoke alone contains nearly 150 different chemicals which are hazardous to health. Studies have also proved that the impact of surgical smoke on the staff is equivalent to them smoking 25-30 unfiltered cigarettes daily. The personnel traffic of patients and visitors along with the on-call, temporary and shift staff increases the number of pollutants in the air inside which can then pose to be a risk factor for the patients in the hospital.

Here are a few reasons why air purification is important in hospitals and medical centers.

Creating A Safe Environment:

–         Hospitals and medical centers owe a safe environment to their patients as well as their staff. The patients who undergo treatment, are vulnerable and need to be kept safe from infections they might contract from the hospital. The staff on the other hand should be able to work stress-free with an assurance of their wellness. Even visitors should be given a similar level of protection from infections that might be caused by the polluted indoor air. Thus, the air inside hospitals must be purified and free of germs. Having a hospital-grade air purifier ensures clean air and avoids recontamination of air due to continuous traffic inflow & outflow of patients and visitors.

Preventing the Risk of Nosocomial Infections:

–         Nosocomial infections or Hospital-acquired-infections are a big hindrance for patients’ fast recovery in hospitals. Poor quality of indoor air can spread an average of 10% of the infections that are acquired in hospitals since they are transmitted through the air. Nosocomial infections are contagious and delay the recovery of patients. Hence, having medical-grade Air purifiers can work towards preventing and lowering the infection level and assist in faster recovery.

 Destroying Bad Odors

–           A hospital environment is prone to bad odors which erupt from VOCs, surgical gases, Endocrine disruptors, body odor from patients/staff, or visitors. The medical centers also use Anaesthetic gases, drugs, etc which impact the smell of the indoor air. The rooms are frequently cleaned by detergents, disinfectants, and chemical sterilizers to destroy germs, these cleaning agents also contribute to the bad or chemical odor in the indoor air. Having a high-end air purification will help in sorting this issue by removing such odors and delivering increased clean air inflow.

Competitive Advantage

–           Investing in an effective air purification system not only promotes a safe environment but also upkeeps staff’s morale and shows the increased level of care to the patients and staff. It also gives a competitive edge as it gives an extra shield of protection for your hospital or medical centers.

In conclusion, a good, sturdy air purification system is the need of the hour for hospitals and medical centers. It not only provides a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors but also helps in maintaining compliance standards and saves money by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the staff.

Ecoshield Tech strives to provide a safe and healthy environment through its hospital-grade air purifier Eco-1000, equipped with HEPA 13 + UVC (254nm) filtration. It is a multi-stage filter that ensures safe and clean air through its heavy-duty performance.

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