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EcoShield Tech

We innovate, design, develop and commercialize next-generation IOT based eco-friendly products for sustainable value creation and global wellbeing.

Keeping our community clean, virus and bacteria-free is not a business but a responsibility.

EcoShield Tech is committed to achieving this by developing and wide-spreading high-tech eco-friendly air purifying and surface sanitizing products.

Let’s make our surroundings safe, healthy, and adorable together.

Why Trust Us?

Ecoshield Tech is committed to provide high quality medical grade air purification to its customers. Designed with utmost quality and smart features Ecoshield Tech products


Eco-1000 removes and kills 99.98% of bacteria & virus including coronavirus family*, moulds, fungi, Cold flu and H1N1 virus


Removes fine dust(PM2.5) and pollens (Create pollen allergy free environment)


It removes bad odors and VOCs(formaldehyde etc) *Formaldehyde: a carcinogenic agent


Removes NOx,SOx** (nitrous oxides, sulphur oxides)


Reduce aerosols transmission: Aerosol generated via talking and coughing : major source of infectious disease.

Price £1100

or RENT at £70 per month


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